Gábor Dénes’ Birthday

Today I was pulling up Google and was intrigued by the current Google Doodle:

Due to my dealings with GRAPHISOFT and frequent visits to Hungary I was aware of two facts that related to the doodle. First I knew the Hologram had been invented by a Hungarian and also that the inventor had won a Nobel Prize.

What I didn’t know was the inventors name – Gábor Dénes – or his birthday – 5th June 1900 – of when he received his Nobel Prize – 1970.

Google were therefore celebrating what would have been his 110th birthday!

As a side note on Google Doodle’s I heard that while most people stay on Googles search page for only a minute or so, the day Google celebrated Pac-Man’s 30th Birthday the average site visit was over 30 minutes!

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