Campbell has been involved with a number of businesses over his 25 year career. Following time with Cadimage, Buildmedia, GRAPHISOFT SE and BIMObject, Campbell currently works with small to medium business who are looking to drive growth, primarily with a focus on implementing Subscription (Recurring Revenue) based business models. Bringing over 25 years of business experience and leadership Campbell has a wide experience over many aspects of the SMB market having been involved across Customer Support, Development, Marketing, Project and Business management. Campbell believes growth and success are driven based on have a customer-centric mindset and brings this approach to all companies that he works with.

Campbell has over 20 years experience with Subscription and Recurring Revenue business models covering all aspects from strategy and design; to development and implementation; to digital marketing strategy to drive growth. During the last 10 years Campbell has implemented a number of Subscription and SaaS based models in a variety of markets. All implementations have been specifically tailored to match the goals and the environment each business operates in.

Prior to moving to Hungary, Campbell was part of Cadimage Group in New Zealand for 20 years (over 10 years as owner and Managing Director) and completed a successful exit of the business to Central Innovation in August 2016. During his time managing Cadimage, Campbell founded and launched the Cadimage Tools business, selling ARCHICAD Tools to customers world wide and established a UK Office to provide development and support for the Cadimage Tools.

Cadimage Group was an innovation Partner for GRAPHISOFT SE in Hungary, and introduced a number of initiatives prior to their subsequent world wide release. These include Free Eduction Versions (2000), a premium Support and Maintenance Program (2001) and ARCHICAD Subscription (2015). At the time of the sale of Cadimage Group, ARCHICAD had gained a 55%+ share of the New Zealand market.

Campbell completed a Bachelor of Architecture Studies at Auckland University in 1996.