Great Coffee and Old Friends in London

Like most Kiwi’s I appreciate a good coffee which leads to one of my pet hates regarding travelling! There are very few places that make a coffee as well as my local cafe Bar Italia, Takapuna.

Having been in London for the last few days I made it my mission to hunt out Flat White a kiwi-run coffee shop in Soho – winner Independent Coffee Bar of the Year in the UK 2007 – Project Cafe07.

So there I was standing in line waiting to order a long awaited Latte and low and behold, in Soho, London I am standing behind William Tozer, an old friend from my days studying Architecture at Auckland University.

What a coincidence! William was recently featured in Architecture NZ as after having completed his studies he has been practicing Architecture in London for the last 12 years. Having read the article, I had thought I should look him up if I got the chance!

During the short wait for my coffee William and I caught up on 12 years!

The coffee and the catch up were both superb and I strongly recommend all Kiwi Coffee Lovers in London to make a visit to Flat White – you never know who you may bump into!

Morgo 08 – Segways and Jetpacks

I was fortunate to be invited to Morgo 08 an extremely rewarding experience where I was able to rub shoulders (network) with some of NZ’s best entreprenuers along with invisted guests from around the globe.

Jenny Morel, the founder of No8 Ventures and the Morgo concept, in a pre-event article in Unlimited magazine explained that she is always a little nervous in the lead up to Morgo and that she uses the noise level at the first networking dinner to determine if the event will be successful. Well the noise at ALL meals was almost deafening and I certainly sum up the overall event as a wonderful success.

Glenn Martin’s presentation regarding his recently released Jetpack was an amazing example of someone who has put his life into an idea. It was just a pity his jet pac was still stuck in the USA somewhere.

As always, the Segways proved popular and there was more than a little NZ/Aussie competitiveness when Scott Farquhar from Atlassian got up and going.

Photo courtesy of Morgo 08
Photo courtesy of Morgo 08

One of the main ‘rules’ at Morgo is “that everything that is discussed at Morgo stays at Morgo” This allows everyone to get a huge amount of value by being confident they can share commercially sensitive information in a forum where ideas can be explored freely and everyone has valuable input to offer.

That said, there have been a number of items published recently that follow on from the Morgo Conference:

Tech investor plans $100m fund to give start-ups a lift

Kiwi enterprise must graduate from bronze to gold

The National Business Review, Friday 5 September. By Mark Peart
Page 8.

Putting a rocket under the economy

The National Business Review, Friday 5 September. By Mark Peart
Page 8.

Jetpack looks to military for takeoff

The National Business Review, Friday 5 September. By Mark Peart
Page 7.