MBA Diary #4 – Quarter 1 Down

Well that’s it! Typing this up as I wait for my test to finish and then that’s Quarter One Year put to bed – just need to wait for the results.

The first quarter has flown by but been incredibly busy. With only 5 lectures for each paper it is more what you do out of hours that counts.

In general things have gone well and my results surprised me for one of my papers (surprised in a good way that is!)

Everyone in the class is looking forward to a three week break though for most of us it is likely that work will fill any void created.

I’ve already got the text books and course notes for next quarter and while I’m not planning on jumping straight into those I will need to review them at some stage as I [unfortunately] miss my first lectures next quarter as I travel to Budapest of the GRAPHISOFT International Partners Conference.

One thought on “MBA Diary #4 – Quarter 1 Down”

  1. Hi Campbell — you were right! Every spare minute was used doing other things. It’s good to be back in class, though. We missed you in the first lectures. Hope that you can make it back soon, what with all the flight disruption, volcanoes, etc. See ya, Paul.

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