Shot while Running

I’ve had numerous injuries while running but have to admit all up till now most have been virtually self inflicted.
That was until today…
Today I was out doing a typical circuit around Auckland… down to Mt Smart, up Great South Road, Market Road and home.
The changeable Auckland weather is normally all I have to content with until about 35 minutes into my run I got shot in the jaw by a ****** idiot with a paint ball gun.


Unfortunately having filed a report with the police there is little that can be done unless the idiots continue with there antics and all I can do is hope my swollen jaw settles down soon.
On one hand you have to say it was a fluke of a shot, on the other hand I have to be thankful I still have my right eye.

8 thoughts on “Shot while Running”

  1. Cam – that’s a shocker! Okay in Dunedin you might get the odd egg hiffed your way if you’re ina group of students walking the main street in a toga, but a paintball gun?!

    Are these guys paintball ‘snipers’, like shooting from a house or something? Did you see where it came from?

    Looks painful.

  2. Far out that must have given you a head rush for a few minutes! Glad you’re ok!

  3. OMG – looks very painful! Take care and I hope it heals quickly. What a mindless thing for someone to do!I am shocked just thinking about how it must have thrown you. Did any bystanders see you get hit? The whole experience is pretty surreal….will look forward to hearing more details as I have a thousand questions.

  4. Gee. Thats quite amazing. I do hope you recover soon and all is OK. These type of people dont deserve to be out and about. A pity the police cant be more procative

  5. Hey Cam, this guy may have been an idiot, in fact a prize ******* idiot, but he did show good taste in choosing a ball which matched your earphones.

  6. Update: Pain mostly gone now just left with a lot of swelling – hasn’t stopped me from eating so can’t complain!

  7. Fark mate!! Thats crazy. I know what to get you for your next bday though – yr own paintball gun to take with you on yr future runs thru the mean streets of Mt Smart!

    PS: Good to see the Crusaders still in the hunt and likely to make the top 4 (unbelievably!)

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