About Me

FYI: I haven’t updated this page for quite a while! A lot has happened since this was written in 2009!

Having lived in Auckland, Leeds UK, Luton UK and Auckland again before I turned seven, I then (along with my family!) stayed in one place – Balcultha – until I left home for the University of Auckland to study Architecture in 1994.

As an architectural graduate in 1997 you’ll see I started work with Cadimage Solutions and have never left but rather bought the company.

In 2007, a few months after purchasing Cadimage Solutions I undertook a major reorganisation that saw Cadimage Solutions become our Group Holding Company and established:

  • Graphisoft New Zealand
  • Cadimage Tools
  • ARCHICADselect.com

As 100% owned subsidaries.

Graphisoft New Zealand is our New Zealand focused business selling and supporting ArchiCAD. Cadimage Tools and ARCHICADselect.com are both export-driven growth companies.

I am passionate about architecture, technology and business. The following is a snippet from a recent award nomination that better describes some of my passions and skills:

Campbell is passionately driven to succeed in all that he does and has a natural ability to see the big picture and to align his decision making with business objectives.

He is a smart and creative thinker constantly on the hunt for better ideas and ways of doing things.  He will work relentlessly to achieve goals and is comfortable taking calculated risks.

Above all he is passionate about customers and using technology innovatively to service them.

Customer feedback drives him to create new revenue streams and better ways of growing the business and he is flexible and adaptable to the ever changing world business environment.

He understands the strengths and weaknesses of the team members and manages the team to build on their strengths.

He also uses team feedback to help drive effective changes for the business.

He is a high integrity fair leader who always sees the possibilities for the business regardless of obstacles .


Below is a more traditional ‘CV Style’ overview of me!


South Otago High School 1989-1993 A Bursary, 44th in NZ Scholarship Exams

University of Auckland 1994-1996 Bachelor Architecture Studies

University of Auckland 1997 Masters papers in Architectural Acoustics

Professional Development

UOA Business School 2000 Project Management Course

UOA Business School 2002 Post-grad Economics

UOA Business School 2003 Business Management Course

UOA Business School 2004 Strategic Leadership Course

Ice-House 2005 Business Growth Course

UOA Business School 2005 Emotional Intelligence Course

Work Experience

Cadimage Solutions Limited 1996-Present

A little strange is that I am still in my first job out of University. I guess it is really in the same company as outlined below you will see I have held a variety of positions.

The following table outlines my roles during my time with Cadimage Solutions Limited:

1996Worked part time undertaking desktop publishing work for a user newsletterWorked Fulltime in November/December carrying out general customer support related duties
March 1997Commenced Fulltime employment. Tasks included:- ArchiCAD Customer Support and Training- Visualization Projects

May 1999 Following employment of another Support person I moved into fulltime project work
October 1999 – May 2001 Project Manager for the Lockwood Development Project.
This project took ArchiCAD and customized it to the needs of Lockwood Homes. We used two Contract Software Developers and I managed the complete specification, training and implementation along with managing the actual software development.Also worked with Lockwood Homes to successfully secure 50% government funding.
January 2001 Invited as Keynote Speaker at Graphisoft’s inaugural Developer Conference in Budapest
May 2001 – February 2005 Project Manager for Carter Holt Harvey Project. Included the largest ArchiCAD Sale in New Zealand (100 Licenses.)
2003 Awarded ‘Best Adaptation of Virtual Building Technology’ at Graphisoft’s International Distributor Conference for the work on the Carter Holt Harvey Project.
November 2001 – Present Managed development of the Cadimage Tools. Initially produced to differentiate ArchiCAD in the NZ market place we are have now sold worldwide.
The tools were launched in conjunction with the introduction of ARCHICADselect – our Priority Support and Upgrade Program.
April 2002 Purchased 17.5% Stake in Cadimage Solutions Limited and became a director.
October 2003 Coordinated formation of BUILDmedia Limited a subsidiary of Cadimage Solutions to take control of our Visualization Business. Became a director of BUILDmedia [Cadimage divested it’s 75% stake in BUILDmedia in April 2005 I resigned as a director at the same time to concentrate my efforts on Cadimage]
October 2003 Appointed Operations Director of Cadimage Solutions to undertake all day-to-day running of the business.
July 2004 Negotiated and undertook purchase of Theometric Software.
December 2004Launched Cadimage Tools International e-commerce website to sell our tools.Designed complete Internet InfrastructureCarried out majority of the website development.

First sale on 26th December 2004!

January 2005 Appointed Managing Director of Cadimage Solutions.
June 2005 Awarded ‘Best Product Management’ at Graphisoft’s International Distributor Conference for the development of the Cadimage Tools.
July 2005 Increased shareholding in Cadimage to 25%
April 2006 Increased shareholding in Cadimage to 35%
May 2006 Achieved First Place in International Distributor Technical Test. Distributors had to sit a test so Graphisoft R&D were confident in their partners ability to launch, sell and support ArchiCAD 10.
April – June 2006 Successfully launched ArchiCAD 10 – the biggest ArchiCAD upgrade in History. Culminated with Cadimage’s biggest Sales month in History.
October 2006 Completed purchased of Cadimage Solutions and introduced Tracey Gatland as a director and 25% Shareholder
June 2007 Awarded ‘Outstanding Sales Growth’ at Graphisoft’s International Distributor Conference
February 2008 Awarded ‘Outstanding Sales Growth’ at Graphisoft’s International Distributor Conference