I am CEO and Managing Director of the privately owned Cadimage Group. Having joined Cadimage in 1997, I became Managing Director in 2005 and then bought out the founder in 2006.

Cadimage Group distributes, develops and supports a range of design and performance-evaluating software for architects, engineers and construction companies that enhance design capability and reduce risk and cost.

Cadimage Group consists of 3 companies and 18 staff with offices in Auckland and Christchurch – New Zealand and Bristol, United Kingdom.

I am also a director of Buildmedia where I provide overall business expertise with a focus on financial management and business strategy. Campbell was a founding director of Buildmedia when Cadimage Group divested this business in 2003.

I completed an Bachelor of Architecture Studies at Auckland University in 1996.

I am a CEO that codes (definitely a double-edged sword) with a special interest in integrating cloud and office systems  to provide visibility across the business.

Cloud Applications we love and use include:

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